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How do you connect



Those of us who create do so for a multitude of reasons, and what we ultimately end up with is a gift, whether for ourselves or for others. The world is thirsting for all us artists have to give through the experience of what we create – hope, beauty, joy, encouragement, healing, connection to one another and to our hearts, a vision of the world as it could be… but we need to be filled up ourselves in order to be this life-giving water for others.

As someone whose idea of fun is spending time at a monastery, the retreat experience is one I have for years tried to share with others.


For myself, as an artist living in a very urban area, making retreats has more recently turned into doing them at home.

And so came the notion a few months ago that other artists might need the same thing – a time set aside for a pause, to allow space for rest, refreshment and connecting with God. Creative people need spiritual retreats just as much as anyone. Maybe even more so.

What I am crafting this year is a series of self-guided retreats for artists and creatives that can be made at home, centered around the theme of water as the very Presence of the Lord, which is everything we need.

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