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Reviving and Preserving Dying Arts

That pretty much sums up what gets me most excited in the world - uncovering, learning, and helping

to preserve historic "arts and crafts" (in the master level sense of the phrase).  

Case in point: Medieval Rosaries. Read on...

Paternoster Guild

"Reviving the Original Rosary"

Exploring the daily life of prayer ​in

the Middle Ages and the industry and ministry of Medieval Craft Guilds.

A collaborative venture with fellow Seattle artist & historian Megan Lorance, the Paternoster Guild is dedicated to re-creating gorgeous medieval rosaries and showing people the history

of medieval life and piety.​  

There's more? Oh, yes, this history nerd is

just getting started... 


Medieval crafts

Other medieval crafts I am drawn to

include illumination, calligraphy, ​woodworking & leatherwork (that picture? those are my 14th century shoes I made myself!). I am also fascinated with historic garment construction and the entire textile industry - from wool to linen to silk - and covering weaving, dyeing, fashion, tools and trade. 


Living History Museums

I have volunteered at a living history museum for several years and find it to be an exceptionally powerful and intimate way of communicating history. The method of people re-creating an entire community in a specific time period, from their clothes to how they cooked to their hopes and dreams amid daily life, is a new concept in the realm of museums, only about 100 years old...

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