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Creation Art Exhibit - now thru June 14th, 2013

April 2013


Seattle's St. James Cathedral is hosting an art exhibit from APRIL 14 thru JUNE 14, 2013

​A photograph of mine, entitled Spark, is a part of this exhibit. 

The theme of the exhibit is CREATION, and hangs in the chapel at St. James. 


The Guild's newest designs!

June 2013

The Paternoster Guild has been busy gallivanting around to Medieval/Renaissance Faires this spring. Now we are staying put for a time and working on new designs, and maybe a podcast or two.

You can follow our latest happenings on our Facebook page....

Color Wheel - a new jewelry collection
May 2013

I adore color. A friend once likened my creativity to that of a color wheel, and that image has stuck with me. So I decided to create a collection of earrings focused on stones of deep, gorgeous color, and photograph them against a lovely vintage drawing of a color wheel. 

Check out my Etsy shop for these new pieces... red, orange, yellow, green, and more to come.   

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